Sunday, 18 April 2010

mixed basket

A lot of things have been going through my head

Firstly as I drive around at the moment it has been lovely to see all the daffodils waving their yellow and cream heads at us as we pass. I know they are very late this year, I'm not sure exactly but it has to be at least a month if not more. I got to thinking about all the roadsides that are wearing their coat of yellow, we become so accustomed to seeing them year in and year out. But it has never occurred to me before to wonder. Is this a British thing or do other countries have battalions of daffodils on their roadsides and roundabouts like we do.

Secondly I have been thinking about all the people stranded abroad and of course those wanting to go but I think it is worse for those waiting to come home. I know of 3 people who have been abroad and should have come home but are still stuck, one in Spain, one in Holland (I would have thought he could have got a ferry home) and another in Cairo. Every day the airspace shut down is extended by another 7 hours, we are told that this could go on for days maybe even weeks. Not only will this cause chaos for passengers who either can't get back from or get to where ever they need to be. There will be chaos for the air freight business too. I know that the Company I work for has to have good flown in from varios places and that is just the tiniest tip of the iceberg. The bosses of the airlines must be pulling their hair out to have this happen (especially now). They did not have a good start to the year with the snow closing airports across the country. Then earlier this month there were the strikes. One has to wonder if some of the smaller airlines will survive.

I have been poorly again but you don't want to know that. I just figure I must have put my foot in my mouth big style when towards the end of march I told someone that I was very lucky that with all the colds and other bugs going around I had not caught anything for at least a year. Well I have made up for it big time in the last few weeks. I think I have paid my penance now for being so arrogant...............I've had enough now and think illness should leave me alone now and let me get on with life without disruption.

I met an old friend today while I was doing my shopping, she told me that she is going for tests tomorrow to find out if she as breast cancer. She is not coping well at the moment, it didn't help that a so called friend phoned her this morning to tell her that another friend died in the night with breast cancer. At least I was able to balance that out by telling her that on Friday I was told that someone who had been waiting for the results of the same tests had been told hers was non cancerous. I have promised to remind her every day that no matter what the results are she will get through it and to keep laughing.

I know a lot of women including the wonderful firebyrd and my son's g/f's mother who have had breast cancer and survived to tell the tale.


Rach said...

It's never far away Breast cancer, my friends mum has just had a masectomy and another friend and just been given the all clear.

Hope you are feeling a bit better..xx

Lady in red said...

Hi Rach

There is a lot of it around and as I was writing this I was also thinking of maureen too.

I am feeling better today just not up to normal strength .....I think it will take a while before I am fully back to normal.

LiR x

Fat Controller said...

Our local council pride themselves in plating flowers on pretty much all the roundabouts in their district.

H. has also been poorly. It started like a common cold but has dragged on for week after week, so you're not alone!

I hope it goes well for your friend.

Anonymous said...

I feel so lucky, for once. Instead of the usual round biz trip of Singapore-HK-UK-US-KL, I decided to go UK-US-HK-Spore-KL. Otherwise, I doubt it very much if I could make it back in KL last weekend.

Vi said...

The Holland friend, apparently there is a 3 week wait to get out of Amsterdam via train/ferry. Plus they are charging the earth! I looked at train prices for AMS as supposed to be going there this weekend, and they want to charge £400! They are raking in all the money while the airlines and importers/exporters (especially fruit/veg/flowers) are suffering madly.

Fire Byrd said...

Your friend will do better when she knows the result cause then she'll have to work with that... it's the damned fear beforehand that kills!
Glad to hear your getting better from your ills.
And do hope that the ex hasn't got glued to the sofa!!

Mel said...

Oh gosh....I hope all is well for your friend. And I agree with the Byrdie--it's the not knowing what you're dealing with. *sending more prayers*

I do hope you're feeling better. Geeze, you've had a tough go of it lately.....

Anonymous said...


Joanna Cake said...

Get Well Soon and keep your friend in a positive frame of mind. She might want to try yoga for helping with calm relaxation. I know she probably doesnt feel like any form of physical exercise but the positive energy is so good for the soul and physical wellbeing x

dyana said...

Absolutely, daffodils and William Wordsworth!

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