Saturday, 13 March 2010

its a bet

What is my son turning into?
This afternoon he posted the following on facebook

now has 32 bets on today's football. Potential winnings £500 Total spent £4.96. Oh the wonders of being a Mathemagician.

it's 32 separate bets on the same 5 matches.
The beauty of binomial expansion.
Basically £500 if all 5 are wins in my favour.
then i win less money if there is 1 draw
some money if there is 2 draws... See More
a bit more money if there is 3 draws
quite a bit of money if there is 4 draws
£400 if there is 5 draws.

If Everton win however I will cry

1 (free £5 bet) on all 5 winning, then 31x16p bets. 5 on 1 draw, 10 on 2 draws, 10 on 3 draws, 5 on 4 draws, 1 on 5 draws.

At the end of the day it's a fiver so i'm willing to take the risk on Everton. As they don't allow me to bet on Everton winning aswell becuase then i break the bookmakers system lol

p.s. I'd pay £5 to make football this much more interesting anyway. Even if i lose

Hmm he has been away from home less than 6 months and hes turning into ..........


Elaine said...


Could you please simplify that system and email it to me!

Fire Byrd said...

Yeah, but did you win? And if so the party's on you!!

Lady in red said...

when I rang him he said everton had drawn and Burnley had lost s he didn't do too well but he did make a small profit

Anonymous said...

Mathematicians rock!!!! *grins*

Barbara C's Blog said...

Lady in red, I am also a cancer survivor. Glad to be among the survivors. I think you should have your picture taken as your blog pix is posed. Then that will give them all something to talk about. Good luck on the Football.

Anonymous said...