Friday, 11 September 2009

How can it be right when its wrong?

He smokes, not heavily (upto about 15 per day) but it is still smoking.

He drinks, but not when hes driving, but he still likes a lot of beer.

He isn't available, he wasn't happy before we met but he is still with someone

So why is it that he is in my head so much, so quickly

Why is it that I never noticed that although I really liked some of the men I have been seeing in the last 9 months, they didn't make me feel butterflies when I thought about them. It is only now that he gives me butterflies that I realise they had been missing.

He writes poetry , has already made up a verse on the spot for me.

He opens doors and pulls out seats

He strokes my arm while I drive, but concerned that he might distract me.

He makes me feel so special

He has put a huge smile on my face.


MarmiteToasty said...

Because he is with someone so is not available...


Wild Cat said...

I know this feeling, as you know x Problem is, it never gets better and yet it never goes away either (I popped into S's work on my way home tonight - a ten minute conversation and a quick kiss.) Don't start something that could haunt you for years too x

Lady in red said...


well thats that

at least he reminded how it feels to feel special even if it was only for a couple of days.

CheekyDani said...

Butterflies are nice, until they try to purge themselves out of your body through your heart (oh yes, I'm a drama queen!). Hope you find one who is available but gives you butterflies again soon x

Anonymous said...